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E cash best exchange service

The best exchange service receive my perfect money to bank wire thanks nazim Bhai for provide nice exchange site

imrang Nov 30, 2017

E cash pk best ecurrency exchange service best e currency exchange service I receive my payments on time thanks nazim sahib

imrang Nov 20, 2017

Order E3815532-C.. Date: 06:39 15.11.17.completed.

Thanks,i have received my money in my easy paisa a/c ,within few hours ,after of p/m to easy paisa cash .
Thanks once again.

hussain71 Nov 15, 2017

pm to mobicash account

very nice site i like first time my orderd complete within 10 mints i am proud me

NaumanHaider Nov 9, 2017

Order E7615459-R completed.

My above mention order completed by u within few hours.
I confirmed it now,i have received my money Rs,5,150/- by exchange of perfect money to easy paisa a/c.
U guys r always on time ,whenever we need u.
Thanks to u & ur team for completing orders .
More orders soon from me.
Hussain Hasan Ali

hussain71 Nov 7, 2017

Great Service

Using E-cash services from past 1 year and exchanged approx. 97000$ + till now. Personally suggest each and everyone for using e-cash services.

Abid786 Oct 31, 2017

Good e currency exchange service e cash

Thanks nazim sahib for quickly send the bank wire just like instant payment long live that KS and best regards

imrang Oct 27, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money In 20 Minute

AMMARAHMAD Oct 24, 2017

2nd Order

Thanks for the order very much ! It was very fast almost half of the estimated time !

Ali-huss786 Oct 24, 2017

syed saad

Masha Allah God bless you all . Mj ko bhot zarurat thi paisn ki or urgent chaheye they paise mj ko mere account man deposit hogae ek hour main ...

syedsaad Oct 17, 2017

Excellent Performance

WoW! Today, my sell order is completed in 16 minutes (that was my 44th order). Keep it up dear friend. May Allah bless you :-)

nak333 Oct 16, 2017


My 10th Order complete, Alhamdulillah

allahwarayo Oct 16, 2017


My 9th Order Complete, Alhamdulillah. Keep it up. May Allah bless you and your families.

allahwarayo Oct 9, 2017

Payment Received

Thanks Ecash team. I got my payment in mobicash from PM.
Thankyou for your services. Keep it up!!!

jamzzz24 Oct 9, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money In 10 Minute

AMMARAHMAD Oct 6, 2017


My 8 orders complete

allahwarayo Oct 2, 2017

pretty good and fast service

pretty good service i really impressed with this service really fast service i got my money really fast within few hours....keep it up...

RanaAtta Sep 30, 2017


Very Good Services Thank You Very Much admin

AMMARAHMAD Sep 28, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money

AMMARAHMAD Sep 26, 2017

Excellent Service

Quite impressed by since i got my payment with in a few hours. Hats off to this platform. Will recommend this service to friends.

hansana Sep 26, 2017 best exchanger

Thanks nazim sahib for proceed my orders
Nice service ever

imrang Sep 15, 2017

Payment received

I got my payment in my easypaisa acc.. its really v good keep it up admin

Sunny66 Sep 13, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money

AMMARAHMAD Sep 7, 2017

great service

you service is very good.. i received my money thanks

Razi31 Aug 27, 2017

Jahanzeb Ali Shah

Its really a big opportunity, I have already using this site for transferring my funds which i have got them timely.
I have send some amount yesterday from E4114297-A and hope fully today will get it 26-08-2017

acer400x Aug 26, 2017

My Satisfaction

Keep it up dear friend. Ma-sha-Allah your service is going very well. May Allah bless you.
I exchanged almost $2,000 USD and I am very satisfied. Never got any issue.

nak333 Aug 22, 2017

greatest exchange

mai aik trader hn Aur mai Puray Yaqeen sy kaihta hn mai ny is sy Ziyada fast Exchange Nhi Daikhi keep On E-cash Team.

ranaasad555 Aug 17, 2017

Very Amazing Service

My Name is Ahmad Shafique your service is awesome very good and quick service always want to work with you Thanks

Princekpr_29 Aug 12, 2017


WOW this is very good and fast service and i am too much satisfied form your service...thanks admin

faizanshahid029 Aug 7, 2017

E-Cash Work Honestly

E-Cash is a very good website
and he work honestly
i exchange my all bitcoin to my easy paisa account
nO1 Exchange weBSITE IN pAKISTAN
Thanks E-Cash Team

Gulzaman Aug 7, 2017

great service

I got cash withdrawal in my bank in just 2 hours. thnx

fahadpk Aug 6, 2017

the greatest exchange for pakistani peoples

very nice great exchange great response ever. just in a one minut my order seccesfully completed its not first time wooooow.

ranaasad555 Aug 4, 2017

Quick Payment Proof

Thanx Nazim Bhar you are great. I received payment within 1/2 hour. That's amazing service.

shaukat80 Aug 2, 2017

fabulous Service

Mashallah one of the best money exchange site.
admin doing their job honestly. Thumbs up bro

shaikh Jul 29, 2017 best exchange service

Thanks nazim sahib for provide us good e currency exchange services

imrang Jul 15, 2017

A Very Great & Quick Service

Hi My name is Hafiz Ahmed you are all advised to exchange your any currency from this is reliable and trust worthy . Thanks E-CASH.PK

Princekpr_29 Jul 14, 2017


Wow very very great exilant servis. My 2 order compleet i very happy thanks 😄😄😀

MAshiq Jul 12, 2017

btc to pkr

thank u so much sir.

arfanahmad Jul 1, 2017

100% trustable

100% verified And trustable :) Thanks

mayazhanif Jun 25, 2017


alhamdulilah for every thing

shezzi Jun 23, 2017

# E0813198-H Completed Very Fast

Thanks you the services. and i happy about the rates that you are providing, will come back soon, thanks

JDEE007 Jun 21, 2017

tursted service

buhat hi achi service hai with out any doubt

ranaasad555 Jun 21, 2017

I D # E1013077-R THANKS, E

THANKS, E ,i send 0.03 btc convert to pk / Excellent Services, I Got My Money,exchange rate low .but good service

sajidnawaz Jun 17, 2017


best e-cash pk

Mb86345 Jun 16, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money

AMMARAHMAD Jun 13, 2017


Very Good Services Thank You Very Much admin

AMMARAHMAD Jun 12, 2017

thxz admin

my exchange order is done
Great Exchange service thanks nazim bhai

omershahid Jun 8, 2017

Order complete

Great service receive money
within 3 hours thanks

shan00 Jun 6, 2017

Great Exchanger

wow my exchange order is completed within 30 mint.
Great Exchange service thanks nazim bhai. Long live and team

sikandar4733 Jun 5, 2017

BTCe dollar

hai,i want to buy BTCe dollar, please give me detail.

dbclub May 30, 2017

Very Excellent service

I always got my payments at the right time. is the bridge between e-currency & Pak rupees . Very secure and trusted service .

askd100 May 27, 2017

Ecash best site ever

Thanks nazim sahib for quickly proceed the orders I receive thanks for send bank wire nice services😊

imrang May 23, 2017

It was successful

Two words, Trust & Honest..

And Thanks for nice website design & layout sir :*

syedsadaqat512 May 17, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money

sajidnawaz May 16, 2017

Bitcoin Transfer

Excellent fast service. Received funds into my bank within 24 hours. Thank you.

pashagroup May 12, 2017

bank wire

I want perfect money $ help me

ali123 May 11, 2017


trusted and very fast .
thank you very much.

mdamul May 10, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money

AMMARAHMAD May 4, 2017

Fast Payment Proof

Quick, reliable & easy service for me. Thank YOU NAZIM BAAI

shaukat80 May 1, 2017

Good Service

Service 100% verified And trustable :)

mayazhanif Apr 30, 2017


Excellent Services Thank You Very Much

AMMARAHMAD Apr 29, 2017


Thanks for my all payment
Very fast service
God keep you safe and you're served Amen

hafeez231 Apr 26, 2017

Nice exchange service experience cash

Thanks nazim Bhai for provide us fast exchange services of e currency

imrang Apr 26, 2017


very fast service

sherazh09 Apr 22, 2017


Thanks Once Again Excellent Services Thank You Very Much

AMMARAHMAD Apr 22, 2017

Realy trusted

I am dealing with Nazim Iqbal from 1 years. and admin NazimIqbal is 100% Reliable and trusted. He is a really good administrator. Nazim Bhai, salute to you on such real time legitimate way of working here in Pakistan. THANKS, May Allah promote more your organization (Ameen)

gmqadri92 Apr 17, 2017

first withdrawel

thnks and very excillent site

ismailkhan Apr 7, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money In 5 Minute

AMMARAHMAD Mar 27, 2017

Best Exchanger

hi friend my Exchange order is completed within 30 mint . is the most trusted and best exchanger in pakistan..

sikandar4733 Mar 17, 2017

easypaisa account detail

i need the detail of easypaisa acount for getting perfect money

nisar3110778 Mar 12, 2017

order # E7510924-Q completed.

My above order completed within few hours time,it was a sell order of perfect money to easypaisa a/c,I got my money.
Thanks to
Always completed order's within a day/hours,
Very professional service indeed
Thanks once again
Hussain Hasan Ali

hussain71 Mar 11, 2017

great service but

i am not satisfied with rates check everywhere price goes high but pm is still 100 and btc is still 98

rockalber Mar 10, 2017


Excellent Services, I Got My Money

AMMARAHMAD Mar 10, 2017


Excellent Services Thank You Very Much

AMMARAHMAD Mar 8, 2017

Fast n Quick service

My first transaction with the site completed smoothly. The processing was easy and quick. HI five

Arinze Mar 7, 2017

nice site

Come hare

tauseef050501 Mar 3, 2017


Sir you are great every thing is best

Omer288 Mar 1, 2017

Best Site E-Cash.Pk

Thanks admin for good services thanks for complete the order

Mehmood72 Mar 1, 2017


sir my order danied y

plz clear

Omer288 Feb 27, 2017


how can i send you money with easy paisa

khawer Feb 26, 2017


Excellent Services Thank You Very Much

AMMARAHMAD Feb 21, 2017


Very fast service...... within hour I got my payment

irtizashahid Feb 20, 2017


sir how can i deposit money by easy paisa plz help me

masoom Feb 15, 2017

Verifiection Of My Mobile Number

Dear Sir Please Verify the My Mobile Number.
My Mobile Number Is +923314945457

msh_paksell Feb 15, 2017

for buy bitcoin

how can i send you money

jvdsaddique Feb 14, 2017


Hi just want to know how to deposit dollars in my perfect money account..?

Hamza78666 Feb 13, 2017

Best site

Thanks admin for good services thanks for complete the order

imrang Feb 9, 2017

Best Exchange Service.

Fantastic&Trusted , One of the best Exchange service. I use this site from 3 years, no single problem does occurs.

askd100 Feb 9, 2017

perfect mony

main perfect mony se bank wire transfer karna chahta hoon pr samaj nahee arahee plz help me

waqasarman Feb 8, 2017

ecash .pk

how to withdraw money in okpay through

omerd71 Feb 7, 2017

order compelet

thanks for order compeleting and thanks to admin

makeupmade Feb 6, 2017


Great site to convert Bitcoin into cash in Pakistan

coolrana1 Feb 3, 2017

This site is safe.

I have sent money to my perfect money account and in two hours i received my money there.
Thanks for this ecash

Mano007 Feb 3, 2017

Very Fast System

I really apreciate and i will suggest it to all my friends. I got my payment in one hour after placing my order. Thanks

alamgeerjsl Feb 1, 2017

Quick Payment Received

Quick Payment Received in just 1 hour after approval/complete transaction. very nice services nazim bhai I like it and thanx you

shaukat80 Jan 28, 2017

Great Trusted website

My First order Camplete
Sab Doston ko kahon ga k ap log ye website use kain yahan se Buy and Sell karin mein apny Sab friends ko kahon ga k ap bhi yehi website use karin....

ShahidJaved Jan 27, 2017

Thanks for service.

Congratulations for remarkable improvement of fast service.

askd100 Jan 24, 2017

how i can deposit in coinpayments account

plz teel me the method

sadeed Jan 16, 2017

Buy PM dollars

Aoa. sir I purchase 200 dollars from you. please tell its procedure

rehmanshehzad Jan 16, 2017

Order# E409799-CQ completed.

My above sell order completed today,within 3 hours u have done this,a big thanks to u & ur team.
Got Rs,5,019/-okpay to easy paisa a/c.
U guys are always on time
Speedy service.
More orders soon
Hussain hasan ali

hussain71 Jan 13, 2017

Ali Raza Manzoor


alirazam Jan 12, 2017


Great site to exchange money in RS cash

coolrana1 Jan 10, 2017


Plz start payza because u r well known person

aqayyumkhan77 Jan 7, 2017


Thanks My Exchange Complete In 5 Mints

AMMARAHMAD Jan 3, 2017

2nd Payment Recieved

I am recieved my 2nd payment in 1hour. Great site May Allah Live long. Thanks Admin

sajjad50 Dec 29, 2016

Mohammad Zubair

Hi Everyone This site is very trusted Site
i have received my first payout in Only Some mints.
Thanks Admin

shzubair Dec 27, 2016

my order complete

Thnx my 1st order complete with in 6hrs great

shoaibhassan Dec 26, 2016

Okpay to Easypaisa

My 2nd transaction has been completed. Thanks again

Aars786 Dec 26, 2016


Nice site

shoaibhassan Dec 26, 2016

Order # E279437-UR completed.

I have received Rs,5,044/-by easy paisa account from u.( okpay to easypaisa).u have done this within 12 hours time,u have always completed my orders within a day /hours time.
Indeed a speedy service.
Thanks for that
More orders soon from me.
Hussain hasan ali

hussain71 Dec 20, 2016

I just Never Seen this service Before

I deposited my payment at 9 PM after 30 min i got Exchange in my Perfect money Account Thanks a lot .

avibest2 Dec 19, 2016

thanks Sir

thanks sir i receive 25.45$ in my perfect money account again very very thanks sir

sajjad50 Dec 16, 2016

Okpay to my Easypaisa mobile account

I have received 2031 Rs in my easypaisa account. Thanks

Aars786 Dec 11, 2016

good way

nice site

Ahmadsarwar305 Dec 10, 2016

Order E779232-DQ completed.

U have deposited Rs,2524/-into my easy paisa mobile a/c today ,completed my order within 10 hours ,
Always on time
Hussain hasan ali
Dt: 07/12/2016

hussain71 Dec 7, 2016


i am very happy to got
this is great website to exchange money online in few time.

rajaumer837 Dec 6, 2016


I got 1010 thanks sir

sss007 Dec 4, 2016


I got 505pkr thanks sir

sss007 Dec 3, 2016


Thanks My Exchange Complete In 5 Mints

AMMARAHMAD Dec 2, 2016

Start Payza

Asa, plz Nazim bhai start payza as soon as u can

aqayyumkhan77 Dec 2, 2016

mudassir khan

fast and trustworthy site. dealing with nazim bhai for the past 2 years and never got any issue in payment.

m.mudassir Nov 22, 2016

Perfect Money Dollars To UBL Omni :* B-)

Got Da Cash!!

"It feels good to put your order before sleeping, and you get cash sms before awakeing."

Thanks brother for reducing minimum exchange to $5 !

syedsadaqat512 Nov 14, 2016

Great Again On time

Thanks Bro you rock always...!!!!!!!!

alijammil Nov 14, 2016

E cash best e currency exchange site

Thanks nazim sahib for quick send perfect money to bank wire trandaction long live ecash thanks for your best services

imrang Nov 2, 2016

order completed

Thanks for the completion of my order timely

anjum7865 Nov 1, 2016

Order ID :E938747-QO completed.

Hi, u have completed my above sell order of perfectmoney to easy paisa a/c,i have received Rs,5024/-U have done this within 6 hours time,ordered on sunday received on sunday.your service is exceptionally well,
Hussain hasan ali

hussain71 Oct 30, 2016

awesome and quick service

i just placed my first order with ecash and i am very impressed with the speed and efficiency and the support provided through skype,brilliant service,do give it a try

rajoss Oct 21, 2016

Exchange Order # E098560-AC completed.

Hi,sir u have completed my sell order of perfect money to easy paisa account,i have received Rs,5,000/- to my easy paisa a/c within 5 hours .your service is extremely fast & quick.
Surely more orders soon from me.
Thanks to u and your team.
Hussain hasan ali

hussain71 Oct 19, 2016

Skype Support is Good

aj me nay subah 10 bajay 55 $ Bitcoin to easy paisa mobile account Order kiya ore 2:30 bajay mujhey Raqam mil gai easy paisa account ma, Skype par in say contact kiya, Skype Service achi ha us par Direct Contact ho jata ha..............

fahadaziz Oct 15, 2016

request complete

thankyou very much for a nice service my request is completed within limited time

anjum7865 Oct 14, 2016

Zahid Husssain

Used first time to check it. Sold WMZ and received cash within 5 hours.

zahid334 Sep 30, 2016


Very good,quick and fast exchange service!!

Inayatullah Sep 29, 2016

transaction complete

Thankyou sir for a great service

anjum7865 Sep 29, 2016

Super Fast Service

Thank You Very Much

ziaurrehman Sep 28, 2016

BTC to Jazz Cash

Wow! I'm happy to write here about My second exchange from Btc to jazz cash already completed within 25 minutes.
Really excited to use this service.
Thanks To E-Cash Team
Best Regards

Unterfunter Sep 28, 2016

Bitcoin To Jazz Cash

I'm really happy to have such a great services in Pakistan.
I have got my exchange completed with in 2 hours from Btc to my jazz cash account. I always prefer to use again and again.
Thank you so much E-Cash to provide us fast exchange services.
Warm Regards
MM Afzal

Unterfunter Sep 28, 2016

e-cash best Exchange service

Thanks nazim sahib received pm to bank wire with in an hours thanks for your good services

imrang Sep 26, 2016

Doing Excellent Job

Thanks. Money has been deposited into my perfect money account. Fast and reliable service.

mr.umar707 Sep 22, 2016

First Purchase Order

I'm very happy to see bitcoins sent to my Walker l wallet. Long live my order was completed in just about 4 hours. Plz ad payza ASAP. More orders coming soon IA

Ali-huss786 Sep 20, 2016

E cash best e changer

Thanks nazim sahib receive pm to bank wire thanks again for your cooperation

imrang Sep 16, 2016

E cash is the best

Thanks nazim sahib exchange pm to bank wire complete quickly long live e cash

imrang Sep 5, 2016

Exchange Order # E627926-PR completed.

Hi,sir u have completed my above order within 5 hours.I have received my money Rs,5,100/-
Hussain hasan ali

hussain71 Sep 3, 2016

Great Exchange Service

Hello Guys....!
i want to tell you that is the best service. All order is completed in only 5 or 6 hours. Thanks ecash
r ek baat agr order working hour ya day ka elawa ki gai ho to Sham 4 ya 5 bje tk ap ka order zaror complete ho jay ga.
Long life and all of team

sikandar4733 Sep 2, 2016

Got my 2nd payment

Got it today My 2nd payment via ubl omni..a bit late though still in 24 houra😃..
Thanks for the service..
More orders will be coming soon..

Jazak Allah..

Waqar613 Sep 1, 2016

maximum withdraw

sir how much money we withdraw daily from perfect money to easypaisa

zainali Aug 30, 2016 always the best

Thanks nazim sahib for quick send the payment received payment pm to ban kwire thanks for your good ervices

imrang Aug 27, 2016

Feeling happy

I received my 2nd payment in almost 7 hours nice job Nazim bhai.

aliwaqar555 Aug 26, 2016

Thanks :)

got my 1st payment...Now Ordered 2nd Order.. :)

aliwaqar555 Aug 23, 2016

Great Service

hi sir service is very good i personally got my payment but i want to request that plz introduce PAYZA payment Thanks

muhammadhamxa Aug 21, 2016

assalam o alakum dear i am bitcoin trasfer to pakistan rupees

assalam o alakum dear i am bitcoin trasfer to pakistan rupees

adnankhan12321 Aug 14, 2016

Thanks Nazim Sahib for quick proceed my order perfect money to bank wire nice exchange service. thanks

imrang Aug 13, 2016

Perfect Money 23.5 Dollars Done

Hello everyone i put order at 2 AM night of Perfect Money 23.5 Dollars and i got Money at sharp 2 PM (After 6 hours) THATS FANTASTIC.. Thanks Sir..

syedsadaqat512 Aug 13, 2016 good service

Thanks nazim sahib for send quick payments always the best service

imrang Jul 27, 2016

its been 4 year and they provide best service

i really appreciate,

you guyz doing best job specially thanks to baber bhai :)
Or agar kabhi ghalti sy paisy kam ajain too koi problem nahi nazim bhai easily provide you support,

thanks you e-cash

rockalber Jul 25, 2016




warid90056 Jul 13, 2016

Excellent Service

Excellent Service Thank You Nazim Bhai

ziaurrehman Jul 13, 2016

Fast Service

Thanks to e-cash for doing fast transaction with in 15 minutes.

rehmanzafar123 Jul 11, 2016

my 10th order completed (sell order)

Hi,nazim bhai,
After Eid holidays, u guys are back in business quickly, I confirmed it to receive my money in my easy paisa I have always said, u guys are terrific.your services to your clients is extremely fast.u have deposited Rs,5,000/-into my account.
More orders soon.
Until next time
Hussain hasan Ali
DT: 11/07/2016

hussain71 Jul 11, 2016

my 9th order completed.

Hi,nazim bhai
I have received pm amount $130/-(Rs,14,560/-),u have deposited money within few hours.
Hussain Hasan Ali
[email protected]
Dt: 05/07/2016

hussain71 Jul 7, 2016

merchant97 which online job u do

Salam merchant97 bhai ap kon si online job kartay hain jis say online earning hoti ha please also tell me, me b karna chahta hun me bayrozgar hun koi job nahi ha ap bata dain meharbani hogi, thanks email kar dain [email protected] par ok ? thanks

fahadaziz Jul 7, 2016

my 8th order completed.

Thanks,nazim bhai
Timely, u have deposited my perfect money amount $120/-(Rs,13,440/-)
Under 2 hours u have done this.
Your service is amazingly fast,indeed.
Thanks once again
Hussain hasan Ali
[email protected]
DT: 04/07/2016

hussain71 Jul 4, 2016

Exchange Order # E197239-EU

Order Information
ID: E197239-EU
Exchange: Perfect Money USD to Easy Payments PKR
Status: Completed
Message: Your Order For Mobile Payment FWD To The Shopkeeper And Soon He Will Complete Your Order. You Will Soon Receive A Confirmation SMS On Your Mobile Phone By Easy Payment's Company. We Encourage Members To Leave Feedback After Each Transaction.
Status Change: 4-Jul-2016 09:27 AM
Order Placed: 4-Jul-2016 06:31 AM

Plase jald kar dena

Payer & Payee
Easy Payments P

waqas313 Jul 4, 2016

My 7th buy order completed

Hi,nazim bhai
U have deposited $110(12,320/-)into my perfect money account today.I confirmed it to receive this.u have done this within few hours time.extremely satisfied by your services.
Hussain hasan Ali
[email protected]

hussain71 Jul 4, 2016

my 6th order completed.

Thanks nazim bhai,
I have received my pm amount ($100) Rs,11200/-
It was my 6th buy order.
U have deposited perfect money amount into my account within few hours after placing the order.
U are always on time,u always try to complete orders ,as quickly as possible by u.
I am fully satisfied by your services.
More orders soon.
Hussain hasan Ali
[email protected]
Dated: 02/07/2016.

hussain71 Jul 2, 2016

instant Payment Receive..

I am using This site about 1.5 year and Receive payment Under 2 hours or Less then A Hours After Submit Order..
Nice Work Keep it Up...

noumanamjed Jul 2, 2016

Trustd Exchanger

Hi Guyz, me sbko ye btana chahta hn is the best and most trustd exchanger in pakistan. Me un logo ko yaqeen dilata hn jo darta hn ordr submit krna me k wo apna money kho na da. To sb k lye ye happy news h k trustd exchanger site h jha ap apna funds maximum 4 ya 5 ghanta me hasil kr skta hn me Nazim bh ka bht sukar guzar hn k unho na hmy ye site di Allah nazim bh r ko bht bht taraqi da Aaameen.

sikandar4733 Jul 2, 2016

my 5th order completed.

Hi,nazim bhai
Thanks I have received pm amount $ 133.93 (rs,15000/-)buy order of perfect deposited into my account within 2 hours after ordering. Bhai aap ki service tareef ki haqdaar hai.very very professional service,trust is the name of your company
Thanks once again
More orders soon
Hussain hasan Ali
[email protected]

hussain71 Jul 1, 2016

received payment (perfect money)

Hi,nazim bhai,
I got my perfect money amount $20.54(rs,2300/-)into my account,nazim bhai u have done it again ,thanks
Surely more orders from me soon.always a trusted name in exchangers community.long live your services.
Hussain hasan Ali
[email protected]

hussain71 Jun 29, 2016

Best Service

i,m using this site about 2 years for,s quick exchange service and best rates in paksitan

asifjee34 Jun 25, 2016


Hve a nice web

SoofiAhmed Jun 23, 2016

bitcoin received the best site for buy ecurrency i just receive my bitcoin very fast in my wallet thanks nazim sahib for provide good services

imrang Jun 18, 2016 always good services

The best e changer thanks nazim sahib for quick proceed the order s of amount 25000 rs and i received payment in my perfect money and bitcoin account thanks for your good services

imrang Jun 15, 2016

payment received.(my 3rd order)

Dear nazim bhai,today I received my payment of pm amount ($138.89)buy order of perfect money (Rs,15000/-) .u have completed my order within 2 hours .completely trusted service .very professional indeed .lightning fast speed for completions of orders they receive from us.salute to u and your speed.I will surely spread your name and company name to others.bhai thanks once again
Hussain hasan Ali
[email protected]
Dated : 10 June 2016

hussain71 Jun 10, 2016


Excellent service I got Bitcoins just in 20 minutes. Its great

fna786 Jun 5, 2016

Payment Proof

Nice, easy and quick Service, in which we can exchange within 30 min easily. keep it up and best of luck admin

shaukat80 May 28, 2016


dear admin kindly start the payza service as soon as possible
thanks shoaib

warid90056 May 15, 2016

Thank Sir

good site and nice admin .payment received very fast

azhar12 May 14, 2016


Good service my 3 orders completed is very very very good service thank you

tanveerpk007 May 8, 2016


Excellent service !!! i asked them to exchange my webmoney to easypasia and after order. It only took 1 hour to get my payment today.

fahad2399 May 6, 2016

excellent service

excellent service may order easy paisa to pm completed think you

tanveerpk007 May 5, 2016


Thanks for Providing Good Service!!!
Allah Bless with Successful and Happy Life!!!!

waleedmushtaq_23 May 1, 2016

best exchanger

my order is completed in 10 mints after request...thank you very much..long live

bilalafzaal Apr 21, 2016

Good stuff but webmoney too pricey

Aoa nazim bhai service achi hai likin webmoney boht mehnga hai compared to dollar ,dollar is 104 plesse iss ko kam karain

abdullah95 Apr 10, 2016

Great Work/Trusted Admin

It is great team........ good work,,,,, trusted admin,,,, keep it up.....thanks admin I proud at you,,,,

zardad45 Apr 8, 2016

about service

Asalam O Alaikum,
i have few Financial transaction through
i have use e-cash service easypaisa to okpay usd.
all my transaction completed through time little time Delayed.but within 24 hours transaction completed.thanks for give me trustworthy service.thanks again

zee007 Apr 8, 2016

nice work

its nice but need quickly response

rare46 Apr 1, 2016


My ader complete esypasa to pm USD is good exchanger thanks

tanveerpk007 Mar 28, 2016


kindly add the Mobicash Account option for buy dollars.

kaleem58 Mar 25, 2016

payment received.(2nd order)

Today i got my pm $ 23.15 into my account.within 3 hours i have received my money.very fast service indeed,completely trustworthy service.i will surely recommend it to my friends & was my buy order of perfect money from them.completely professional people.thanks,
Soon more orders from me.
Hussain hasan ali
[email protected]

hussain71 Mar 24, 2016


very quick service i love you guyz trustworthy

kashif777 Mar 18, 2016

Feeling happy

My 14 orders has been completed. Superb service and worthy to trust.

bilal00 Mar 12, 2016

Payment Received

Great and quick service Thanks Brother.

shahidjabbi Mar 12, 2016

my wmz to ubl omni transection has been approved

Dear Sir,
Thank you so much i have recied message after 24hours my transection process about wmz to easypaisa has been completed but in UBL OMNI
its ok no problem and thanks again...

kamrannero Mar 7, 2016


satisfied for the 1st payment. i suggest, atleast rate should be 100

kwelatub1 Mar 4, 2016

5 Star

Thanks Bro very nice service 100% trusted, 16th order has been completed. Happy :) Great Job

Modood Mar 3, 2016

On time and Trustworthy Service

My first transaction is completed in just 3 hours :-). Superb service and worthy to trust.

realawaisjavaid Feb 27, 2016

Loved Service!!

ist ever experience and loved it....very quick, very efficient and very supportive... keep up the good work... thank you!!

zra143 Feb 27, 2016

Awsome Service

I pray for their work.

azeem0707 Feb 27, 2016


mind blowing i got money half in hour wow

malik1 Feb 26, 2016

Awesome Service

Azim bro doing best job.

I am working with him since 2012.
trusted Person ever

rockalber Feb 25, 2016 best site ever

Thanks nazim bhai i received my bitcoin payment in my bank account very nice and fast exchange service

imrang Feb 20, 2016

best service provider

very honest and quick service may Allah bless you more success Aameen

khanbaba Feb 20, 2016

Exchange time& rate r awesome

A.salam. ..doing gR8 job...Exchange time & rate r awesome. .keep it up. ...

Jawa50 Feb 14, 2016

great service

I've done a lot of exchanges with and i never had trouble, always fast and reliable.

rickstarr Feb 14, 2016



Khudabakhash Feb 12, 2016

Completed Orders12

thanks u r nice

sameer Feb 10, 2016

Great service

Great service...thanks admin

rickstarr Feb 2, 2016

thanks sir

thanks a lot sir i got payment......

engzain63 Feb 1, 2016

it much faster

i can't ever think it that much faster......i just closed my eyes and i got my transaction......i love that site.....thanks nazim are such a great person,,,,,,,

engzain63 Jan 26, 2016

muhammad khan

making transactions with e-cash for the past year and never got any kind of complain. its fast and reliable.

m.mudassir Jan 25, 2016

good service

as fast as v didnt think ;)

awaisasghar Jan 23, 2016


Excellent Services Thank You Very Much admin

AMMARAHMAD Jan 21, 2016


Very Good Services Thank You Very Much admin

AMMARAHMAD Jan 20, 2016

Safe and reliable one of the most reliable services to me. E-currency exchange was never so easy and reliable. Thankyou

farhat_khan Jan 20, 2016

best site to exchange online money

I have requested webmoney to mobi cash and its done with in no time .it just take 10 to 15 minutes to complete my transaction.
Thank you sir

ahmad54 Jan 19, 2016



zardad45 Jan 19, 2016


Got my money almsot instant nice service.

jahangir Jan 5, 2016

Noman Ali Shah


nomanalisha Jan 3, 2016

Good Service

Thanks ..

asad200947 Jan 2, 2016

my first order

I sent him 5000pkr through mobicash and within three hrs he send me bitcoins to my wallet. I ll definitely recommend him

umarkhan Jan 1, 2016

Asad Abid

good service i get my money

asad749 Dec 27, 2015



asad200947 Dec 26, 2015

Webmoney USD to Easy paisa

I exchange 24$ Webmoney to Easy paisa account without any fee in 40 minutes. I am so happy.
Thank you

bilal00 Dec 25, 2015


successfully exchanged 5$ webmoney to easypaisa.legit

shahraiz Dec 23, 2015

Webmoney USD to Easy paisa

Thank you. Excellent service. i likes this.

bilal00 Dec 23, 2015


My 18 $ Orders Complete in 24 mins

AMMARAHMAD Dec 21, 2015


Thanks Nazim Today My 10 Orders Complete
My Total Exchange 300 $ Thank You Very Much

AMMARAHMAD Dec 17, 2015


great service my order complete within some mins i has buy WMZ $94.53

asohail Dec 17, 2015


my order place in 2 hour

uzairfraz Dec 14, 2015

ecash best site ever

thanks nazim bhai for send quick payment long live ecash

imrang Dec 14, 2015

Thank You

Great Service

kashi1 Dec 14, 2015

GOOD service

GooD service , Thanxxx..

asad200947 Dec 14, 2015

Thanks for completing order

Thanks dear Nazim bhai for completing my order with an hour

basharatswl375 Dec 12, 2015


Thanks my Exchange best of luck admin

AMMARAHMAD Dec 7, 2015 is best site for exchange ecurreency services

i just receive my payment in my bank account thanks nazim bhai for quick send the payment

imrang Dec 7, 2015

best exchanger

Very nice service I withdraw bitcoin payment and receive payment in my account thanks nazim bhai for quick prossing the payment

imrang Dec 2, 2015

Quick Service thanks

Thanks for quick processing my order. I received payment in one hour. Quick

Modood Dec 2, 2015

u r nice

Thanks Nazim biiiiiiiiiii

sameer Dec 1, 2015 best ever site for exchanging for e currency

Thanks nazim bhai for quick processing my perfect money$ to easy paisa thanks again for fast payment

imrang Nov 30, 2015

good service

good service

asad200947 Nov 29, 2015


Great to see you update the rates
Really nice service and 1000% trusted

Modood Nov 28, 2015


nice job..

rare46 Nov 28, 2015

Awesome Service

Really Fast and reliable service. 100% satisfaction, No worries at all.Thank you, team!

rainypearls Nov 27, 2015 best exchange service

i would like to confirm that many time i use this service just for withdraw my payments nice service.
today i withdraw my bitcoin payment thanks nazim bhai for quick payment send
thanks again

imrang Nov 25, 2015


today i am exchange 50$ okpay to easypaisa Very Good Services
good luck admin

AMMARAHMAD Nov 25, 2015


Very Good Services

AMMARAHMAD Nov 23, 2015

2.25 btc

Allied Bank

faizanshahid Nov 16, 2015

Great serves

Dear Owner jesy k Dollar ka rate kafi increase hogya hai so aap b rate increase kar den thankssssss
God Bless you

info.aadeez Nov 16, 2015

Thank You

My payment received great service

kashi1 Nov 14, 2015

Great Service

Great Service

asad200947 Nov 13, 2015

LEGIT company.. THUMBS UP..

i was so happy that found a like this.trully trusted..thanks has been recieved..more power....

ghimey Nov 12, 2015

Excellent service

another complete Fast service excellent work

Modood Nov 12, 2015

Recieve payment

thanks i have recieve my payment very fast service

shahizat Nov 12, 2015


A full solution very nice

danishjialing Nov 9, 2015

Quick Servise

Great service , quick response ..

azib123 Nov 6, 2015

Great service

Great service , quick response ..
please do something for payza service also ..

asad200947 Nov 4, 2015


first time in my life a pakistani sight pay me

Aarez786 Nov 4, 2015

Best Of The Best E-Cash.Pk!! Big Thanks to Nazim Bhai

Thanks nazim sahib for quick processing the payment i receive payment very fast .

jansher555 Nov 4, 2015 nice exchange service

Thanks nazim sahib for quick processing the payment i receive payment very fast .

imrang Nov 3, 2015

very nice

bohut achi site h good

msajidss Nov 1, 2015

Dollar Rate

Slam sir!
aap ki service buht achi hai or ma aap k iss kam ko appericate krta hon
sir jesa k dollar k rate ab kafi high ho rha hai tu sir aap bhi exchange rate tu zeda kry dollar k hisab sa ta ka hum ko dollar rate zeda hony sa faida hon
Best regards sir

Modood Oct 29, 2015

What A Service.

Sent 300$ PM.
Recieved My Money Within 30 Minutes.
I Really Appreciate Your Services Nazim Bhai. Thumbs Up For You Bro.

Best Services So Far.

woojohn6 Oct 28, 2015


Got payment in 4 hours almsot instant nice service..

jahangir Oct 27, 2015

First Payment Received

Thank You Nazim Bhai And It's Team For Their Quick Service I Got My Payment Within 2 Hours ... Your Service Is Much Better Than Others And Your Website Is User Friendly ....
I Would Like To Say People Who Are Suspicious About This Website You Don't Need Worry Your Money Is In Safe And Trusted Hands ... Feel Free And Comfortable To Use This Website :)

MasoodAhmed Oct 26, 2015

My First Payment Received

Thanks Nazim Bahi today I have received PM Exchange Rs. 9500/-

jawedawan Oct 26, 2015

help me

aoa sir me kolotibablo website par work karta hu aur apni pyment niklwana chata hu kaisy esy paisa accont me transfar hugy please help me sir thnk u

izrana92 Oct 26, 2015

Introduce Payza Please

Nazim Bhai we want Payza to be introduced,Many people use Payza and it has best services so please bring it On!!

Thank you and Long Life for you Nazim Bhai :)

asimali Oct 23, 2015

1st order

thanks for the fast transaction looking forward for the next exchange through this site.

mubarakali Oct 22, 2015

Superb service

Thanks nazim bhai, my 1st order was completed by u and I got my money into my easy paisa account , it was my sell order of okpay $ 10 (Rs, 940) received.
I am thankful to u, u have done this in quick and speedy manner, which I really like it.more orders from me soon.
I will surely recommend your service to other people whom I know.
Thanks once again.
Hussain hasan ali
[email protected]

hussain71 Oct 19, 2015 Best service ever

Thanks nazim sahib for sent quick payment a vary nice and fast exchange service.

imrang Oct 17, 2015

Thank You

you are doing a great job your,s service is amazing i am very thankful to you.

waqar114 Oct 16, 2015

Five Star Service

Thank you so much Bhai ! Servive is very good . Exhange money received within 30 mints.

Modood Oct 13, 2015


recieved payment in a single a day awsome service keep it continue dear nazim thanks..

jahangir Oct 9, 2015 Best exchange services provide

Thanks Nazim sahib for send quick payment best exchange services ever

imrang Oct 8, 2015

Thankyouuuu Soo Much! Best Rates and Best Time of Order Complition

Thankyouuuu Soo Much! Best Rates and Best Time of Order Complition
my cell no +923046178128
Abdul BAsit from Sargdoha! thanks for such a good Service

mrfazmic Oct 8, 2015

fast servise

my order place in 2 hour

azib123 Oct 6, 2015

Cash out Service.

Good Service of Cash Out.. I Like it......!

hafeez3662 Oct 6, 2015


Thanks nazim sahib i received my perfect money exchange payment through easy paisa thanks for fast payment

imrang Oct 5, 2015

Cashout received

thank u nazim bhai cashout is received .

easyincome Oct 2, 2015

Excellent, Trusting service, Some Suggession for you

Service is number one among all the Pakistani e-money service provider and the rates are also very good although i want to suggest that instead of sticking on one rates please change your rate on some Special occasion like on EID or Independence Day so that we can gain some advantage please provide us this opportunity as a reward. Thank You

yanali Sep 27, 2015

My Transaction Completed in 4 Hours :-*

Hi all fellows, I am very glad to exchange with E-Cash.Pk and Planned to also exchange in Future ;-)

I successfully receive payment with the Super-Sonic VELOCITY OF LIGHT

syedsadaqat512 Sep 23, 2015 trusted website

fast service (Y) , thank you so much

kaibehroz Sep 21, 2015 Best Trusted site for online transactions

Thank you very much Nazim Bhai for exchange my perfect money and send through omni i appreciate your efforts and your nice services

imrang Sep 8, 2015

many payment received in past ...

Thanks so much Dear Sir you are Great and nice man

info.aadeez Sep 8, 2015 Best Emoney Changer

Awesome E currency service i just receive my payment within a hour the service look like instant payment service Thank you very much admin for quick payment service you introduce to their members wish you All The Best

imrang Sep 1, 2015

azib saeed

good and fast services........

azib123 Aug 31, 2015

Thanks to E-Cash Team

The best, quick and fully trusted Wayto exchange money. You are doing great work E-Cash Team, Its good to doing business with You.

mnomans Aug 30, 2015

i will do exchange again by ..

good service ..

asad200947 Aug 30, 2015

E-cash Best Site for exchange money

Thanks admin yesterday i receive my 18$ exchange payment through easy paisa very fast service
thanks imran

imrang Aug 28, 2015


sir it,s been very long time i was dong bizzz with you ... sir keep this services as long as possibl . because every one like your services Thanks

aliasim336 Aug 24, 2015

14$ received

nazim bahi your service is excellent and very very trustable.

warid90056 Aug 18, 2015

PM dollars exchange into pkr

thnkx Dear Sir Allah Bless you in all time

info.aadeez Aug 18, 2015

Good Work

Really appreciate your work, speed and commitment, looking forward for great days of business with you people.

cruising Aug 17, 2015

3 exchange from BTC to WMZ

If is your first time trying to exchange with them don't worry they are serious ,you will not lose your money .

Beny123 Aug 14, 2015

best and hot

i completed my 6 orders and this is perfect .No one give us the better service like this.Thanks for the admin

umair621 Aug 12, 2015

Awesome Services

Really like this service love this and i can't believe in pakistan this kind of service working very fast and reliable and speedy love you e cash and will draw payment next time.

aicsaeed Jul 27, 2015

Fully Satisifed

It was my second order and very fast processed in a few hours. Highly recommended site.

rizwanramzan Jul 27, 2015

thank you

thank you nazim bhai i have received cashout in 2 hours

easyincome Jul 16, 2015

Fast Service

Great Service , full flash fast is like ATM ALLAH Bless you always , the Best service in PAKISTAN

Emranalie Jul 8, 2015

Best Of The Best E-Cash.Pk!! Big Thanks to Nazim Bhai

Thanks for processing my 6th Exchange order very fast!!

Nazim please add Payza please!!!

I am starting to love your services!!

Simply Fantastic!! Brilliant!


Advance EID Mubarak to all readers :)

asimali Jul 7, 2015

placed order

I have placed order at 11:00 am and hope complete soon as before.

anjum7865 Jul 2, 2015


Thanks brother

aliasim336 Jun 29, 2015


i have placed new order. like always hop this i wil received in 4 to 5 mints ... sir Thanks for you supper amazing services its faster then we expect . thanks again to all team of E CASH PK

aliasim336 Jun 28, 2015

good service

very amazing service A+

allmine Jun 26, 2015

Easypaysa to Bitcoin

Brilliant service!
Thanks and keep up the good work e-cash :)

m.abdullah Jun 24, 2015

Feed Back

Your service is amazing.

skystar0786 Jun 15, 2015

Received 4th Cashout Order

I just received my 4th Cashout order,Very Fast!completed within 1/2 Hour!!

Thanks for a fast and reliable services Nazim Bhai

Please do add Payza for exchange orders!

Thank you and May Allah Bless you

asimali Jun 13, 2015


Add Payza Waqar Bhai please!!

Pakistan mein bohat sare loag Payza use krte hn

Or mjhe umeed he aap zaroor Add kr do ge with good exchange rates!

Thanks and please! must consider my request

asimali Jun 12, 2015


i want to buy bit coins

zaibmech Jun 11, 2015

Abid Raza

great very fast service

abidkhuhawar Jun 5, 2015



pakistani00 Jun 2, 2015

great service

great service

rizwanls May 31, 2015


Bht Zabrdast great working

hamzahyousaf May 30, 2015

A few words of appreciation has truly been very helpful,I received my payment within 2 hours on a Saturday and Nazim bhai was extremely helpful throughout,the web money currency allowed me to place an order on a site through which no other method was possible here in Pakistan.Again thanks so much!

abdullah95 May 23, 2015


This was my first order at e-cash and i am satisfied and happy because my order completed in just 4 hours thank you very much recommend to everyone soon i will exchange more $ with e-cash stay blessed bro

Xeshan May 22, 2015


Nazim Bhai please Payza bhi add kr dein

Hope aap zaroor add kr dein ge

Nazim Bhai Rocks!.

asimali May 21, 2015

i get e cash very fast

Thanks sir . once i call you after 2 to 4 mints i received my payment

aliasim336 May 19, 2015


mein jab bhi easypaisa k lyeh withdraw karta hon omini bhej dety hen app , ab omini shop kafi door h

shahzad.ali May 19, 2015

Mohammad Munaf

Good Communication. Same Day Service. Will do more business

server4sale May 19, 2015

which online job u do warid warid90056

warid90056 ap agar koi online job kartay ho jiski payment ap say exchange karwa letay ho to mujhey b batao me b woh karoo ga, thanks plz tell me by email [email protected]

fahadaziz May 16, 2015

shoaib multan

very nice service carry on nazim bahi.

warid90056 May 15, 2015

azeem kamboh

nazim bhai is a great manager and exchanger thank you

azeemkamboh May 12, 2015

Transaction completed

Kia baat hai Nazim Bhai , very nice, Aap ki service ka jawaab nheen
thanks for completion of my transaction timely.

anjum7865 May 11, 2015


thanks for my cash out so nice

sameer May 9, 2015

imtiaz ahmed

thanks nazim bhai i received my payment 5$ instantly yesterday may allah bless you

imtiaz2166 May 7, 2015

easyincome which onilne job u do

easyincome bhai kon si online job ki ha ap nay jiska cashout karwa kar say ap nay apnay bank accoumt ma receive kar liya ? please tell me b woh online job karna chahta hun batao bhai meharbani hogi

fahadaziz May 6, 2015


THANKS provides one of the best services in Pakistan AND thanks for my cash out so fasT.

ihtisham May 5, 2015

Cash out received

thanks nazim ;bhai great job . cashout is received to my bank account .

easyincome May 4, 2015


done smoothly trusted dealer

shoaib123 May 4, 2015


thanks u r very very nice man

sameer May 4, 2015

Best Services provides one of the best services in Pakistan. Really glad to exchange my perfect money with them. Trusted and Reliable

farhat_khan May 4, 2015


thanks.thanks u....nice

sameer May 2, 2015


thanks for my cash out so fast....u...nice

sameer May 1, 2015

trusted and most guaranteed website

thanks for my cash out so fast.

liaqat95 Apr 30, 2015


Thanks bhai i have received my payment. May allah bless you with his blessing.

mtoseef74 Apr 30, 2015

Great service

Thanks very good very fast service

tanveerpk33 Apr 29, 2015

As Always Fast

I have been working with more than a year. Never find any complaint. Just completed my order in less than an hour.

chamjadlatif Apr 29, 2015


I have just send you 25$ please cash them out.

mtoseef74 Apr 29, 2015

khanbaba which onilne job u do

khanbaba ap agar koi online job kartay ho jiski payment ap say exchange karwa letay ho to mujhey b batao me b woh karoo ga, thanks

fahadaziz Apr 22, 2015

trustworthy company

I am dealing with this site from more than 2 yrs i found him trustworthy and honest person and collect my orders with in few hours fast and speedy services

khanbaba Apr 22, 2015

Fast and Relaible Service walo ki bohat achi service ha, bohat acha kaam kartay hain, jis din order kiya jay usi din kaam ho jata ha, Jeeyo Nazim Bhai

fahadaziz Apr 21, 2015

best exchanger

my order is completed in 10 mints after request...thank you very much..long live

bilalafzaal Apr 21, 2015

My 3rd Cahout!

This is my 4th Cahout from Nazim Bhai!

Today I placed Order and it was processed Instantly!!!!

Thank you Nazim Bhai for the fast and reliable services!

Best Of the Best Nazim Bhai :D

asimali Apr 19, 2015

Nice services

Thanks nazim bhai for your fabulous service

easyincome Apr 16, 2015

Great Services

Asim bhai, you are doing it greatly. Thanks

gmmahar Apr 15, 2015

feed back

It is very urgent service. Carry on this service please, May Live Long

skystar0786 Apr 14, 2015

thankyou sir

very very thankful to you sir for completion of transaction

anjum7865 Apr 13, 2015

Cashout received

hanks nazim bhai i have received $115 PM cashout to my bank account . good job kept it up

easyincome Apr 10, 2015

great job ;)

you did a great job thnx a lot.

smartguy Apr 9, 2015

Great Service...

I really appreciated to team for Quick Service.

alhaseeb Apr 9, 2015

easyincome Apr 6, 2015

easyincome bhai / sister ap koi online job kartay hain kya ? jis say paisay miltay hain apko perfect money ma ore woh phit ap nikalwa letay ho say ? ap mujhey b batao please me online job karna chahta hun takay me b kuch Earn kar sakoo, please batao meharbani hogi apki, me wait kar raha hun ok ? muje ko email kar k bata dayna [email protected] par ok thanks ? i am waiting

fahadaziz Apr 8, 2015

Trustable E-exchanger

Bhai bht acha kaam kar rahe ho nizam bhai. ap ko 2012 se jaanta hon.aur aap ki service fast aur reliable hai. Yahi hai aik aitmaad jo befikar aur baghair kisi dar k paisay send aur receive kar saktay hain. GOOD LUCK IN FUTURE.

khalidev000 Apr 7, 2015

received cash

thanks nazim bhai i have received $51 PM cashout to my account . good job kept it up

easyincome Apr 6, 2015

Transaction completed

My second transaction is also completed even in off days.
Thanks to Mr. Nazim and his team.

anjum7865 Apr 5, 2015

amjad ali

I deposit to perfect money through with a little bit fear, but I was totally wrong to fear about this site. my comments for this site are,
very nice
very good
very impressive exchanger in the whole world. my transaction is in 1 hour completed, WOW.
thanks with regards.

anjum7865 Mar 30, 2015

Nazim bhai simply the best!!

Meiny aj RS 1,000 receive kr lye UBL OMNI se

thanks Nazim bhai for processing my order request even in OFF day! THANK YOU!!! :)

Allah aap ko hamesha khush rakhey or bohat saree khushyaan de Ameen!!.

asimali Mar 29, 2015

cash out

After one hour I received my payment..

bilalafzaal Mar 29, 2015

Nazim bhai Very nice person! (Best Exchanger)

Meiny abhi 10.60 send kye hn Nazim Bhai ko or thri dair mein UBL Omni mein receive kr lon ga I will let you guys know. :D

asimali Mar 29, 2015

nice service

very good and fast service, me nay eik order kiya jo only 4 hours ma complete ho gaya ore meray easy paisa mobile account ma paisay aa gay, very fast and secure service......

fahadaziz Mar 29, 2015 - One of the Best Exchnage Services in Pakistan

I first stumbled upon e-cash in 2013, exchanged through webmoney and got my money in bank in few hours. Since then, I used e-cash a lot of times when I needed to exchange money to my bank in PKR.
Its a very trustworthy service and I will recommend it to others.

wisdom264 Mar 29, 2015

nice and fast service

thumbs up for this service yes

janikhan11 Mar 29, 2015

Great Service

I Never See Such A Great, Reliable And Quick Service In Pakistan.
Deal With E-Cash Without Any Hesitation.

WeblyceumClub Mar 28, 2015

Zabardast Servise

kamaal ki service he money exchange ki..........zabardast

hamid123 Mar 28, 2015

help me to load dollors to mu account but how

salam brothers
i am new to this site plz help and show me the way how to send them money by easy paisa or by bank deposit and how i will get dollers in my perfect money account thanx reply plzand show me the method

janikhan11 Mar 23, 2015

Best service in all over Pakistan

E-Cash service is the best service in all over pakistan

hamid123 Mar 22, 2015

superb service !

fast n superb service. keep it up

smartguy Mar 20, 2015

Nazim bhai zindabaad

I received my payment of 1300 RS via UBL OMNI

Thanks! :)

asimali Mar 20, 2015

Nice Service

achi service ha inki me nay aj din ko 11:30 bajay perfect money say apnay easy paisa mobile account ma paisay transfer karwanay ki request ki thi to Estimated time sham ko 6:30 aa raha tha lakin 3:45 bajay hi amount transfer ho gai, Good and Fast Service, Thanks

fahadaziz Mar 20, 2015


Salamz bhai jan, hope that you fine there ameen.
Your services are great, I use these since 2012, again thanks bhai jan. Geooo

gmmahar Mar 20, 2015



warid90056 Mar 16, 2015

Cashout received

Thanks nazim bhai i have received my PM cashout to my soneri bank account ....... kept it up ........ good agent

easyincome Mar 15, 2015


Good Service Thanks

Adnansheikh Mar 14, 2015

Fast Service

Very fast and good service. Better than others......

wasamasif85 Mar 13, 2015

Good services

Very nice and good services.Nazim bhai bharosey ky kabil hyn meiny PM buy kye hwe $ receive kr lye

asimali Mar 13, 2015

Soneri Bank cashout received

Thank u nazim bhai i have received cash out to my soneri bank account . kept it up. God bless u

easyincome Mar 10, 2015

payment received

Thanks i have received my payment

Fahad247 Mar 6, 2015

To E-Cash Team

Maine Easypaisa service choose ki thi likn mujhe messsage ubl omni ka aya hai aisa kyun UBL omni ghar se kaafi door hai isi lye Easypaisa service choose ki thi buhat ghalat baat hai yeh

sumee10 Mar 4, 2015


Thanks best service . i received wmz cashout in min Allah Bless You always

Emranalie Mar 3, 2015


I have received Fund to my HBL Bank.........BEST AGENT (y)

bangash Feb 28, 2015

received cashout

Thank you nazim bhai i have received cashout

easyincome Feb 28, 2015

E-Cash is perfect Ecurrency Changer

Thanks nazim bhai i just receive my 2nd perfectmoney $ exchange order with in hour i wish you best of luck
Best Regards

imrang Feb 27, 2015

perfectmoney received

Trusted site i just receive my order of perfectmoney
Thanks Nazim Bhai God Bless You

imrang Feb 26, 2015


I recieved my payment in almost 4 hours nice job Nazim bhai.

jahangir Feb 25, 2015

Sohail Alam

I am dealing with Nazim Iqbal from 3 years. and admin NazimIqbal is 100% Reliable and trusted. He is a really good administrator. Nazim Bhai, salute to you on such real time legitimate way of working here in Pakistan. THANKS, May Allah promote more your organization (Ameen)

sohailalamparadise Feb 18, 2015



imran8787 Feb 14, 2015

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